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Recycling Guide

 Follow these steps and we will do the rest!

 3 Step Pick Up Guide 

1. Simply place clean recyclable items in self-provided container or clear plastic bags. (cannot use city recycling container)
2. Place your bags in designated pick-up area
3. We will do the rest! 

July 4: CLOSED
Thanksgiving Day: CLOSED
Christmas Eve: CLOSED  
Christmas Day: 

New Years Eve: CLOSED
New Years Day: CLOSED

As Simple As This!


Place clean recyclables in clear bags, reusable bags, or containers (more information about reusable bags and containers in FAQ page)
Place bags in designated area


Residential Garbage_edited.jpg
Leave the rest to us!


What To Recycle

download (1).jpeg
  • Glass (Place in separate bag)

  • Aluminum Cans

  • Plastic Bottles

  • Mixed Paper

  • Steel & Tin Cans

  • Empty Food Boxes

  • Cardboard (Please Make Sure to Flatten)

  • Newspaper

  • Magazines

  • Junk Mail

  • Phone Books

  • Plastic Containers #1 - #7 

  • Paper

What Not To Recycle


  • Food Waste

  • Plastic Bags

  • Electronics

  • Hazardous Waste

  • Styrofoam

  • Light Bulbs

  • Bubble Wrap

  • Wood

  • Yard Clippings

  • Hypodermic Needles

  • Aerosol/Paint Cans

  • Toys

We Like to Keep Things Simple!

We are here to provide a convenient service for you and our beautiful planet!

No hauling recyclables around in your car; leave that to us!

Contact Us For Further Support

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