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  • What type of bag or container should I use?
    In an effort to reduce the use of plastic bags, we are encouraging our customers to choose one of the alternative options detailed below. We believe that these options will not only benefit the environment, but will also be a more cost efficient option for our customers. Option 1: Reusable recycling bags - These are 32-gallon bags that are very cost efficient with all options being under $30. Ultimately, these reusable bags will save you money because they only need to be purchased once and you will no longer need to purchase clear plastic bags. - They are reusable, so they only need to be purchased one time. - They are waterproof and durable - perfect for placing your recyclables outside. - You can purchase these bags directly from Amazon or from Happy Planet. If you would like to purchase from us please let us know. Below is a link to purchase from Amazon: ** If buying from Amazon, please only choose from the following size options/quantities to ensure that you do not exceed 96 gallons: - 2 piece 32-gallon bags - 3 piece 32-gallon bags ** When choosing your quantity of reusable bags, please also keep in mind that you will need a bag to separate your glass into (only if you have a glass subscription). Option 2: Use up to a 96-gallon bin or container - You cannot use the City of Chesapeake's blue recycling bins because we are not allowed to pick them up per the city's instructions. However, you are welcome to use a container that you already have, purchase a 64-gallon container from Happy Planet, or purchase a container from anywhere else. We want to ensure that our customers have flexibility and freedom when choosing alternative options. If you would like to purchase a container from us please let us know.
  • Where should I place my bags to be picked up?
    Please place your bags of recyclables near the bottom of your driveway, front yard, garage door, or somewhere that is visible from the road and easily accessible on your property, so that our team members can easily retrieve them. Do not place bags directly on the curb, but instead on your property. Bags must be visible from the road to be picked up. Please do not place them behind anything that would block our team members from easily seeing them. Please have your bags placed outside no later than 4:00am the day of your pickup.
  • When should I place my bags of recyclables outside?
    Please place your bags outside no later than 4:00am on the day of your pickup.
  • When is my pick-up day?
    Your pick-up day will depend upon which area you live in. You should receive an email containing your pickup day information shortly after signing up. If you did not receive an email, or if you are unsure of your pickup day, please send us an email at and we will be happy to help you.
  • How will I know what the holiday schedules are?
    We send emails to our customers notating any changes in our pickup schedule due to upcoming holidays. Please be sure to check your spam folder and ensure that you mark as a known sender to avoid our messages being placed in your spam folder in the future.
  • What items do you accept for recycling?
    We currently accept the following items for recycling: Glass (only with glass subscription add-on; please place in separate bag) Aluminum Cans Plastic Bottles Mixed Paper Steel & Tin Cans Empty Food Boxes Cardboard (please make sure to flatten) Newspaper Magazines Junk Mail Phone Books Plastic Containers #1 - #7 Paper (no shredded paper) The recycling industry is often changing, and recycling facilities sometimes change what they can and cannot recycle, so please keep in mind that what is accepted may change. Check our website to stay updated.
  • Why does it cost more to add glass recycling to my subscription?
    Currently, the majority of recycling facilities in the area will not accept glass for recycling. Due to this, we had to find different avenues to ensure that we are still able to offer glass recycling to our customers. We have partnered with a company called Mil-Spec Abrasives in Norfolk, VA, who takes the glass and repurposes it as abrasive material for sandblasting. This gives your recycled glass a new life and a new purpose, and is one of the safer options for abrasive material, both for people and our planet. Because we have to keep the glass separate from the co-mingled recycling and we have to bring it to an entirely different facility, it increases our costs and that is why we charge an additional fee per month.
  • Where does my recycling go?
    Our co-mingled recycling goes to RDS in Portsmouth, VA. Our glass goes to Mil-Spec Abrasives in Norfolk, VA.
  • Do you service my address in Chesapeake, VA?
    We service anywhere in Chesapeake. If you have a Chesapeake, VA address then we are happy to service you!
  • Will you accept large cardboard that doesn't fit in my bag or container?
    Yes, we accept cardboard of all sizes. Please be sure to flatten all cardboard (both big and small) and place any oversized cardboard securely underneath your bags/containers to ensure that it does not fly away. Any smaller cardboard can be flattened and placed inside your bags/containers.
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